We recently highlighted a banned Xbox advert from over 20 years ago on Pure Xbox, and GM of Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg reacted to it as part of the new Xbox documentary series, saying that he absolutely loves it.

Well, those weren't his exact words. He enthused that he "f***ing love[s]" it, also explaining why it was banned:

"[Chuckling] It's really good! I f***ing love it."

"The ad was polarising, and it did end up getting banned. Stations would not run the ad because it was, you know, so shocking for people."

The ad was aired in the UK back in 2002, and as you can see above, it shows a baby being born and shot into the air, eventually crashing into a grave as an old person after which the original Xbox slogan appears: "Life is Short".

It ended up attracting over 130 complaints due to it being 'offensive, shocking and in bad taste', with the Independent Television Commission claiming that it was 'traumatic' and 'shocking'. Microsoft defended it, but ultimately lost out.

Still, it certainly went on to create a legacy for itself!

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