Xbox's New (Expensive) Boba Fett Controller Arrives This Christmas

You might remember that we highlighted a new Star Wars Mandalorian Xbox controller here at Pure Xbox last week, and the same company behind that controller (Razer) is bringing out an amazing Boba Fett variant as well.

Like the Mandalorian version though, the downside is that it's very expensive, coming in at an eye-watering $179.99.

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Official details are limited right now, but as you can see, it's already up for pre-order on the Microsoft Store in the US with a release date of December 23rd, 2021. It also comes with a Quick Charging Stand which is said to "fully power up your controller in under 3 hours and keep gaming downtime to a minimum".

We'll keep an eye out for any additional information on this, but here's what the description says:

"Precision control and fast charging combine in this Razer Star Wars wireless controller and charging stand bundle. Designed for use with Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, the controller features pressure-sensitive triggers and textured grips to enhance your game play. The charging stand quickly powers up the controller in less than three hours and has a magnetic contact system for a secure hold."

Interested in this, or does the price put you off? Let us know down in the comments below.