Xbox Halo Infinite Console And Controllers Are Hiding Some Sweet Secrets
Image: Demon_King_Lamb & Dr Purrple on Reddit

It's been a busy old week for Microsoft and Xbox as the company celebrates its original console's 20th anniversary. As part of the festivities we've seen the release of a very nice Limited Edition Halo Series X console and controller, both of which have been hiding a few secrets in (sorta) plain sight.

As reported by The Verge, players who've been lucky enough to pick up some of the new hardware over the past few days have been discovering a few neat little Easter eggs.

The Halo 20th Anniversary Xbox, for example, has got a secret Zeta Symbol located on its front that's revealed by shining a UV or black light on it.

While the packaging of the Halo Infinite-themed Xbox Series X controller reveals a hidden classic "Duke" controller when passed over with a black or UV light.

Further to all of this excitement, if you splashed out on a special Halo-themed Xbox Elite 2 controller, you'll have received a code for a very nice in-game trinket, a dinky little Xbox Controller charm to attach to all of your weapons. We absolutely love how this thing swings around in the video below!

And last but not least, the game itself is, as expected, full of little nods to the series' past, 343 Industries and gaming in general. As pointed out in the video below from GeneralKidd over on YouTube, the multiplayer map "Streets" is absolutely littered with all sorts of fun little Easter Eggs.

We have absolutely no doubt there are a ton of Halo Infinite Easter Eggs inbound over the next few weeks as the full game launches and we'll be sure to keep you notified of all of them as we find them!

Have you got your hands on the Limited Edition Halo Xbox or controller or found any in-game Easter Eggs while playing on the multiplayer maps? Let us know in the comments.