Xbox Mini Fridge: GAME UK Will Be Taking More Pre-Orders 'Soon'

Update: Xbox Mini Fridge stock went live very briefly at GAME today, but it seems like they're sadly all gone now.

Original story: The initial batch of pre-orders for the highly-anticipated Xbox Mini Fridge was snapped up almost immediately back in October, but now GAME UK has begun advising that a second batch will be arriving this morning.

In a tweet, the retailer explained that the "second wave of stock" will be arriving in January.

Here's a look at what the company had to say:

No further details have been provided, and we wouldn't be surprised if the batch suddenly appears over the next hour-or-so. The first round of pre-orders for these fridges wasn't given a publicised start time, leading many to miss out.

All we can advise for now is to keep a close eye on GAME's social media feeds, and keep checking the link below!

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