Xbox Exec Clarifies Why FPS Boost Is Finished On Series X|S For Now

Following the recent addition of 37 FPS Boosts to backwards compatible games on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, director of project management Jason Ronald confirmed that the program was essentially being put on hold for the time being, explaining that "we're kind of finding where some of the limitations of our current technique is."

Yesterday, Ronald took to Twitter to clarify his comments, stating that "if we are able to develop new methods to further enhance backwards compatible titles we will pursue them", but otherwise it seems pretty unlikely:

In his initial comments on the Iron Lords Podcast, Ronald highlighted that the team had tried many titles that tended to work "great" with FPS Boost, but then a game-breaking bug was unfortunately discovered late into the game.

It might be end of FPS Boost for now, then, but the final batch of additions to the program have gone down a treat, with Digital Foundry recently calling the likes of Sonic Generations, Mirror's Edge and Gears 3 "a match made in heaven".

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