Ahead of its PC launch next week, FYQD has released 14 minutes of stunning Bright Memory: Infinite footage.

Across the pulse-pounding 14 minutes of gameplay, the intense hybrid shooter shows you everything it’s got. One minute you’ll be gunning down foes like a Call of Duty veteran, before pulling out your sword to engage in some brutal melee combat.

It seems pretty demanding and reminiscent of games such as Ghostrunner in parts, seamlessly blending athletic free running with swordplay. You’ll be running across walls before deflecting bullets with your trusty sword. If that doesn’t sound like a recipe for success, we don’t know what does.

As mentioned before, Bright Memory: Infinite launches on PC next week - November 11 to be exact. It’s also heading to Xbox Series X|S in the near future as a console exclusive. No exact date has been pinpointed to when, as the developer is working to implement ray tracing on the console release. For now, all we know is that it's coming "soon".

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