The Rock Jokingly Claims He's 'Never Lost A Game On Xbox' In His Life
Image: Microsoft

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson appears to be teasing a little something for the Xbox Anniversary Celebration show on November 15th, which almost certainly is some kind of tie-in with his new action comedy film, Red Notice.

In a message to fans in an Xbox video on social media, The Rock stated the following:

"Make sure you guys tune in on November 15th for Xbox's 20th anniversary, as I need your help like never before."

The Rock also spoke about his relationship with Xbox over the years, before claiming: "I have never lost a game on Xbox in my life". Of course, he adds a wink to the camera to suggest he may not be telling the truth, but you never know...

In addition, Dwayne appears to be partnering up to give away a ton of Xbox related goodies. It seems to only be open to US residents with a sweepstake taking place on November 22, so be sure to check out the rules before taking a chance.

What do you think The Rock has in store for the Xbox Anniversary Celebration show? Tell us down below.