As fans of Rare's fantastic open world pirate romp will likely already know, Sea of Thieves Season 5 officially kicks off this Thursday, the 2nd of December, and we've been treated to a fairly chunky preview video detailing everything that's going to be coming players' ways when it makes landfall.

You can check out the video for yourself above and we've also made a quick list of some of the bigger features we picked out from it. As the video suggests there certainly is a boatload of new features here which include:

  • Bury treasure in order to make custom treasure maps to share with other crews. If a crew finds your treasure you'll be rewarded with lots of rep and renown.
  • Themed Firework crates
  • Sitting! You can now sit around the world to relax and take it all in
  • Sleep in a bed! Sleeping recharges your energy
  • The Speaking Trumpet has been augmented so you can turn it around and use it to whisper
  • Cannon rowboats
  • 100 levels of new rewards
  • Xmas themed gear
  • New Emissary rewards and legendary ship parts
  • A brand new Plunder Pass
  • New Emotes and Pirates of the Caribbean gear
  • New weapon sets, instruments and a brand new canine companion
  • 3 new shanties
  • Improvements to item transfer system
  • Rats! Keep an eye out for rats on your ship as it may mean something bad is happening below deck.
  • Enemies drop ammo pouches
  • And finally, in-game character models will now move their mouths when they speak.

A proper bounty of changes, we reckon. Arrrrrrr! Etc.

Are you looking forward to Sea of Thieves Season 5 dropping on December 2nd? See any changes you like the look of? Let us know in the comments.