Just a few months removed from their previous remastered adventure, Sam & Max: Save The World, the legendary duo are set to make another triumphant return on Xbox this December in the form of Sam & Max: Beyond Time & Space.

If you're keeping track at home, this was the follow-up to Save The World which debuted back in 2007, and this remastered version promises similar upgrades to the STW remaster in the form of more detailed environments, smoother animations, dynamic lighting, shadows, new visual effects, improved character models, improved camera angles, remastered audio, new music, upgraded accessibility options and much, much more.

It sounds like the team has really put a lot of care and attention into this remaster, just like they did with Save The World, so we can't wait to check it out when it arrives for Xbox on December 8th. A nice early Christmas present to ourselves!

"This holiday season Sam & Max are going to Hell, and they've never looked better! It's high resolution, improved lighting, uncompressed audio, new musical tracks, and all of that great stuff which made the first remaster so wonderful."

Will you be travelling Beyond Time and Space with Sam & Max this December? Let us know below.