Rumour: Halo Infinite Surprise Multiplayer Launch 'Delayed At The 11th Hour'

We highlighted a rumour here at Pure Xbox earlier this week that Halo Infinite might be gearing up to release its free-to-play multiplayer component as soon as this Monday, November 15th, but it seems that's no longer the case.

Influencer and known insider NateTheHate2, who "independently confirmed" the launch a couple of days ago, has told his followers that an "11th hour change" has caused the release to be delayed, but it will still be arriving in November:

This was always just a rumour, of course - but with apparent Xbox Store data also suggesting that a November 15th release was on the cards earlier this week, it seemed quite likely that this was going to come to fruition.

Alas, it sounds as though we shouldn't be getting our hopes up for a Halo Infinite multiplayer release this Monday, but if NateTheHate2's comments about a November launch are correct, we might not have to wait too much longer.

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