We're all busy enjoying Halo Infinite's multiplayer right now, but we've still got the campaign to look forward to on December 8th, and some lucky critics have been getting hands-on with the first few hours of it recently.

The good news? It seems like it's going to be worth the wait! It's been described as "spectacular" at its best, and everyone at least seems to be enjoying it so far. That said, some have pointed out how it could prove "divisive".

Here are some snippets from various hands-on previews we've found across the web:


"Halo Infinite’s campaign has the potential to be the greatest entry in the series to date... Trust me when I say that the game’s single-player experience took my admittedly cautious expectations and fired them into the stratosphere.


"The Halo Infinite campaign is likely to be at least a little divisive. Some aren’t going to vibe with the open world, or with Master Chief finally having character progression. Some aren’t going to be able to push past disappointment that this isn’t a platform-defining visual tour-de-force. But me? Well, so far, I’m utterly convinced. I’m back in on Halo again. And I can’t wait to see this journey to its conclusion."


"How effective Halo Infinite’s campaign will be at attracting new players remains to be seen but for those that miss the franchise’s glory days this finally begins to push it back into the top tier of format exclusives."


"After a couple of lackluster entries, I've been feeling less and less drawn to the Halo franchise, so it was difficult not to read into that moment. For me, once a diehard fan, Halo Infinite feels like developer 343 Industries' last shot at reinvigorating my fandom. And, based on what I've played of the campaign, it might just be enough."

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"The story looks very promising at this early stage, with character interactions proving to be just as gripping as the combat. I do have reservations about the open-world design after a few hours of play, but that fortunately hasn’t had a negative impact on the more traditional linear levels so far, which still offers the classic Halo experience that fans have been craving for."


"After spending hours with the Halo Infinite campaign, my fears have been largely assuaged – open world Halo isn't what I imagined it would be. 343 Industries has found a winning formula. While Halo Infinite has clearly taken inspiration from modern open world experiences, it's working across more self-contained, and smartly interlocked spaces."


"Ultimately, playing a decent chunk of Halo Infinite’s campaign was refreshing. Not only in how it managed to feel like a new entry in an iconic series but in how it managed to live to and exceed expectations in a way that most recent releases haven’t. From its sparing and well-timed use of piano chords through to the hero shots of Master Chief standing all stoic and heroic like, Halo Infinite’s campaign is a confident return to form."

There are a couple of potential negatives in there, then, but in general there's a great deal of positivity, and it sounds like Halo Infinite's campaign is going to be a great nostalgia kick for fans of the original Halo games in particular.

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