Random: Xbox Jokingly Casts Chris Pratt As Iconic Halo Character
Image: Microsoft

Over the past few weeks, Hollywood star Chris Pratt has seemingly been cast in every animated film under the sun. Super Mario, Garfield - where will he pop up next? Well, Xbox struck fear in everyone's hearts recently, when it was claimed the star would be voicing Halo's Mister Chief, the classic mascot created by the former community manager Frank O'Connor.

A Twitter announcement which claimed, "Chris Pratt is now the voice of Mister Chief", sent shockwaves throughout the gaming world last night. Thankfully, a follow-up message revealed it was all a rouse!

This still didn't stop people from quickly panicking at the thought of Chris Pratt claiming yet another role. with many hearts stopping at the shock announcement.

We can relax though. Chris Pratt is not taking over the unofficial mascot of Halo and will remain outside the world of Xbox - for now.

Who knows, maybe we could see Pratt taking the role of Marcus Fenix in a live-action Gears of War movie, or voicing Viva Pinata characters in a new animated series?

Let's hope not.

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