Remember the Burger King game Sneak King for Xbox 360? It released back in 2006 as a freebie with the purchase of value meals at the fast food restaurant, and ended up reportedly selling over 3.2 million copies as a result.

Incredibly, Redditer nomercyvideo took to the social media platform over the weekend to show off his collection of 2706 (!) copies of the game, which ended up going viral across the web with hundreds of thousands of views:

So, what's with the ridiculous collection of Sneak King games? According to the Redditer, it's simply a humourous hobby of his, stating that "it had an unusual release through a fast food chain, it's a funny game, and it makes me laugh!"

"If they are worth something someday, we are rich! If they are worth nothing, its a funny story and journey!"

And yes, you can keep up with this journey via his YouTube channel called Sneak Kingz, which only has a couple of episodes so far, but is dedicated towards his attempt in trying to collect every copy of Sneak King he possibly can.

You've got to love these ridiculous stories! Best of luck to you, Sneak King fan...

Have you ever played Sneak King? What do you think of this collection? Let us know in the comments below.