PlayStation Team Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of Xbox On Twitter

Yep, it's one of those wholesome posts again! Xbox celebrated the 20th anniversary of the brand in impressive fashion yesterday, and the team at PlayStation chipped in to share their congratulations in a message on Twitter.

It clearly proved popular with the masses, as over 29,000 people have liked PlayStation's message on the social media platform so far, and it even prompted Xbox to reply with the comment, "thank you, friend, games soon?":

This past Friday, Xbox boss Phil Spencer was also seen to be congratulating PlayStation on the PS5's first anniversary, telling PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst that "the teams did really good work under trying circumstances."

It's always great to see the two brands interact, especially to celebrate Xbox's 20th anniversary! You've got to love it.

Did you spot this on Twitter yesterday? Let us know what you think of the interaction down below.