Xbox Creator

In some parts of the world, it's now the 15th of November, and that means it's officially the 20th anniversary of Xbox.

Yes, Microsoft's original Xbox hardware first launched in the US on 15th November 2001. If you weren't around back then, nobody really knew what to expect from this American-made game console, but a lot of people were willing to give it a shot and try out new titles such as Bungie's Halo: Combat Evolved.

With this in mind, one of the original co-creators and "father of the Xbox", Seamus Blackley, has uploaded a special anniversary video message on Twitter - thanking gamers and fans for making Xbox what it is today and also thanking everyone who back in the day took the risk and bought the system.

As he further notes, it wasn't obvious at the time, that a system like this would be entirely successful - coming from the same company that made Excel.

The official Xbox account even responded to the co-creators message, acknowledging his efforts as well as the community who made it possible:

Blackley also mentioned how he's been doing "a lot" of interviews, along with the rest of the launch team that worked on Xbox. So we guess there'll be more interesting stories to share over the coming weeks and months about the original Xbox and how it all started.

When did you join team Xbox? Have you been about since the beginning? What would you like to see from Xbox over the next 20 years? As always, leave your thoughts down below, and happy anniversary Xbox.