Halo Infinite Comparison Footage Shows What A Difference A Year Makes

Our pals over at Game Informer have recently posted up a pretty cool comparison video that highlights some differences between Halo Infinite in its 2020 form - a form that didn't exactly enamour fans upon its initial reveal - and its final 2021, release-ready appearance.

You can check the video out below and, we think you'll agree, there's been some pretty obvious and major upgrades here. 343 Industries has very obviously been making full use of the extra time they gave themselves with the game's delay in order to really polish up every aspect of Master Chief's latest adventure.

Immediately we can see lots of extra detail in character models, lighting and volumetric effects, and the video commentary itself goes into more detail on how traversal, vehicles navigation, background details, the day/night cycle and more have all been improved by the dev team in order to both enhance graphical quality and performance. It also mentions that a certain Craig the Brute has been excised from the game, although eagle-eyed fans may still find some remnants of his existence in there.

With 343 Industries having worked hard to address community concerns over the past year, we're feeling fairly confident that we're in for a pretty epic adventure once Halo Infinite's campaign finally arrives on 8th December.

Are you liking the improvements you're seeing in the comparison vide above? Let us know below.

[source gameinformer.com]