Muoverti's New TiltBike Is Actually An Xbox-Compatible Controller

We weren't expecting to spot this today! Muoverti has unveiled its new range of TiltBike smart trainers, and a surprising feature is that it's actually an Xbox-compatible device, working with games such as Xbox Game Pass's Descenders.

The bike is said to be "designed for athletes of all levels looking for engaging simulations and effective exercise from essential training to E-Sports to interactive gaming." Of course, we're particularly interested in that last bit.

In a nutshell, the TiltBike features built-in joysticks which allow you to play Xbox games, and you can see a demonstration of this in the video above with Descenders, where the player also uses the bike to pedal and steer.

"You can now ride freely in virtual spaces and even connect to the Xbox. Once the bike becomes the controller, the possibilities are endless, from eSports to interactive gaming."

It looks like a great way to stay fit while playing some of your favourite Xbox games, but if you were hoping for a cheap price tag, think again. The price is reportedly going to "be in line with the top models from competitors", which sounds like it could be £2000 or more, with a targeted release window of Autumn 2022. Still, we think it's pretty cool!

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