Microsoft Is Emailing Random Users With (Up To) $100 Gift Cards

You might want to check your emails if you live in the US, as Microsoft is reportedly sending out gift cards up to $100 in value, but the catch is that it seems to be completely random - there's no guarantee you'll get one.

Various lucky people have been taking to social media to report that they've received one of these emails, the headline of which is: "Here’s $100 to start your holiday shopping". You can get a look at the email in the tweet below:

It's been pointed out various times that this sounds like a scam, which is totally understandable on the face of it, but enough proof has been provided by multiple users that this is indeed the real deal. It seems to be quite rare though!

If you aren't lucky enough to get your hands on a $100 gift card, you might still have $10 or $20 waiting for you - better than nothing! And yes, if you want to spend this on the Xbox Store, you can absolutely do that.

Fingers crossed...

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