Hunt: Showdown To Remove FPS Cap On Xbox Series X & Series S

We've been big fans of Crytek's sublime Hunt: Showdown since we first started playing it during its early access phase on PC way back in 2018.

While the core elements of this intense PvPvE game have always been rock solid, there's no doubt it started off life in pretty rough and ready shape, and so it's been hugely satisfying to watch Crytek refine and enhance it over the years into the smooth and feature-packed experience it currently is on both PC and console.

Now there's some more good news for Hunt: Showdown fans, as the game's official Reddit has dropped an announcement that the next update, 1.7, will remove the current 30fps cap on Series X, Series S and PS5, allowing next-gen players who are playing the game through backwards compatibility to throw off the technological shackles of older consoles and reach up to 60fps. We genuinely cannot wait to jump back into this one once the update drops to do some silky smooth hunting and banishing.

Further to the removal of the framerate cap on next-gen consoles, the developer has also announced that custom loadouts are on the way alongside improvements that should see Xbox One players enjoy a much more stable 30fps experience. All great news for fans of this unique and intense multiplayer FPS.

Better yet, Hunt: Showdown is included with this weekend's batch of Free Play Days, meaning you can try it for yourself to see what all the fuss is about, and even pick it up at a discount if you want to add it your Xbox library permanently.

Looking forward to jumping into some 60fps Hunt: Showdown action? Let us know in the comments.