It's been a huge week for Xbox and Halo, and as part of the celebrations, earlier this week we got a teaser trailer of the new Halo live-action series due out on Paramount Plus in 2022.

It showed us a glimpse of Master Chief himself putting on his armour and helmet and the famous 117 emblem and Cortana saying "Hello, Master Chief". If it's left you wanting more, the good news is you likely won't have to wait long.

During the latest Halo Infinite live stream, Halo's Transmedia boss Kiki Wolfkill said we'll be getting another look at the Halo live-action series next month at the Game Awards.

"So, wouldn't put something small out there without knowing that we were going to follow it up with something quite substantial, so our plan is to release a first-look trailer at the Game Awards - so on December 9th...but that genuinely is meant to really, really give people a very strong taste of what the show is going to be like."

More details about the rollout of this new series around the world will be revealed in time, but apparently "no spartan left behind" on this one - and the team cares "very much" about getting to their audience, wherever they are.

Are you looking forward to seeing more of this series at The Game Awards on December 9th? Leave a comment down below.