Halo Infinite Campaign
Image: Xbox

As you might have heard, the Halo Infinite campaign "preview embargos" have now been lifted for select press, media and creators. It gives access to the first four missions with some restrictions in place, like "no spoilers" as noted by 343. It's also meant to allow fans to "watch safely" and enjoy these first impressions.

Unfortunately, though, it seems some spoilers are already being leaked online. If you look in the right places on websites like Reddit, Twitter and YouTube, videos of what appears to be Infinite's opening campaign cutscene are being uploaded.

We've investigated it ourselves, and if you don't want to spoil the surprise for yourself, we would advise you stay away from the videos currently doing the rounds online. Of course, we won't be sharing the video here on Pure Xbox.

Halo Infinite's campaign will arrive next month on 8th December, and if you do want to learn more about the campaign, there are plenty of spoiler-free videos available to watch. Earlier this week, Microsoft and 343 also surprised fans with the release of the free-to-play Halo Infinite multiplayer.