Halo Infinite's latest trailer dropped yesterday, and it's already found itself trending on YouTube.

The trailer is titled "Forever We Fight", and takes the form of a live-action sequence featuring a variety of dramatic scenes before Master Chief makes his appearance late on, and the whole thing is pretty darn amazing.

Here's the description of the video:

"Throughout human history, heroes have risen when called upon. The Master Chief carries each act of bravery with him into his most challenging battle yet. We've always believed in heroes, it's time to become one."

The comments have been highly positive, with many pointing out that it reminds them of the marketing campaigns from the Halo 3 days, while others have simply highlighted how much they enjoyed the trailer.

"This brings me back to the marketing campaigns of Halo 3 and it couldn't make me any happier."

Amazingly, we're now just over a week away from the release of Halo Infinite's campaign on December 8th, and obviously the multiplayer is already available in beta form β€” but that, too, will officially release on the same date.

What do you think of the new Halo Infinite trailer? Let us know down in the comments below.

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