Halo Dev Reveals The Painstaking Process Of Creating Video Game Screenshots

When we see screenshots of video games, we don't think of the time and effort that went into them all. However, this story about the inception of one Halo: Combat Evolved screenshot puts things into perspective.

As shared by Joseph Staten, the head of creative on Halo Infinite and director of cinematics on the original trilogy, it seems creating marketing materials for games isn't as easy as it looks. Staten's account of working on Halo: Combat Evolved allegedly had him sleeping under his desk for a week, with his sleeping bag melting under the heat of his PC.

The screenshot in question was intended for Computer Gaming World Magazine, and the one shared by Staten was his favourite of the bunch.

To line everything up, Staten had to position every character perfectly, while also firing their weapons for the shots. Back then, the tools weren't as simple to use as they are today, and had Staten using his stopwatch and a pad of paper to time everything perfectly.

Staten described it all as a "painstaking" process, ensuring the position was revolved around the Elite in the foreground to create a striking image.

All of this took an entire day just to create the whole shot, with the rest of the screenshots taking the better part of a week to create. All in all, it ended up with Staten working some late nights and sleeping under his desk to ensure he met the deadline.

It's an eye-opening insight into the development of video game marketing and how teams work tirelessly to ensure their games look the best they possibly can. While we don't condone developers working all hours and sacrificing their personal lives to create such art, we appreciate the effort and dedication that goes into their creation.

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