Former Bungie music composer Marty O'Donnell, who was fired by the company in 2014 and ordered to return all materials related to Destiny and its "Music of the Spheres" prequel, has been forced to post a video on his YouTube channel requesting fans who previously downloaded any such assets to "delete them and refrain from sharing."

The veteran composer of Halo and Destiny, who managed to get Sir Paul McCartney involved in Bungie's sci-fi musical score, has been prohibited from sharing any aspects of his work on Music of the Spheres or Destiny and has faced contempt of court charges for using said material as a basis for sketches on his YouTube channels.

As reported by Eurogamer, O'Donnell was told to:

"Post a message, the wording of which the parties agree to, on his Twitter, YouTube, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud sites/channels stating that he did not have legal authority to possessor provide material related to Music of the Spheres or Destiny and asking anyone who previously downloaded any such assets to delete them and refrain from sharing and will destroy any copies of them".

In the video, which you can watch below, O'Donnell says that:

"I do not have, and have not had since at least April 2014, the legal authority to possess or distribute non-commercially available material related to Destiny or Music of the Spheres, including material I composed or created while working for Bungie. This material is owned by Bungie. If you posted any of these assets on a website or other publicly available platform, you should remove the content immediately. If you have copies of these assets, you should refrain from sharing, and destroy any copies of them."

O'Donnell, who had worked for Bungie since 1999, blamed his sacking without cause on meddling from Activision and successfully sued Bungie over his shares in the company in 2015.