Bethesda today launches yet another version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - a game that made its original debut on 11th November 2011 across multiple platforms including Xbox 360.

The latest release is the 'Anniversary Edition' - celebrating 10 years of adventuring. To help promote this title, Bethesda has rolled out a new launch trailer. Our colleagues over at Push Square even get a shout-out at the beginning of it.

If you are thinking about replaying Skyrim, and happen to own the Special Edition - you're eligible for an upgrade for the price of £15.99 / $19.99. If you are a first-time player though, you'll need to fork out £47.99 / $49.99.

Bethesda is also providing a free Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S upgrade for Skyrim Special Edition on November 11th - which includes Creation Club content and the introduction of Survival Mode and Fishing. You can get the full rundown in the overview trailer below:

Will you be returning to Skyrim to celebrate 10 years? Comment down below.