Battlefield 2042 Could 'Potentially' Bring 120FPS To Xbox Series X|S, Claims Dev
Image: EA Games / DICE

Battlefield 2042 is a few short weeks away from its launch on November 19th, and while some had hoped it would release with 120fps support, that's not the case. Being a fast-paced first-person shooter, it's a feature certain fans would love to see implemented, which DICE has now said could potentially come post-launch.

While the word "potentially" may sound promising, it does seem there are some huge hurdles to overcome to make it happen. The main problem seems to be based around the game's online player count - which hits 128 players on Xbox Series X|S. With pressure being put on the CPU, the jump from 60 to 120fps is "not trivial", according to one DICE developer on Resetera.

"Something to explore in post launch, potentially. Resolution is not a problem, we are hammering the CPUs with 128 players quite severely, and the CPU requirements to jump from 60 to 120 fps are not trivial. Reducing resolution won't be much of a help."

It seems it's not as simple as just making a few changes and upping the frame count. Given the small number of players that own a 120fps applicable display, it may not be worth the team's resources to commit the time.

All this being said, the term "potentially" does sprinkle in a bit of hope. If you would like to see 120fps support added to Battlefield 2042, you may want to keep your eyes peeled for updates over the next year.

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