Halo Xbox Series X
Image: @Darkphibre / Amity Mathews

The limited-edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X is now available, and while it's already incredibly popular, there's one out there that's perhaps even better.

343 employee, Amity Matthews - who has been with the developer for close to 10 years now (and Microsoft even longer) shared a photo of their own limited edition Halo system. It's been signed by the Halo Infinite development team.

If you do ever see one of these things out in the wild (well, the standard Halo-themed one), it'll set you back £479.99 / $549.99. When it's not covered in signatures, you can see the dark metallic paneling accented by iridium gold.

You can find out more about the limited-edition Halo XSX in our previous story. What do you think of this signed one? Leave a comment down below.

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