Xbox Suffers With 'Installation Stopped' And Party Chat Issues

If you were busy playing games over the weekend, you might have noticed that Xbox was acting a bit weirdly, and you're not alone. Reports have surfaced about installation issues and problems with Party Chat in particular.

In regards to the former, players have found that their downloads have been making progress and then suddenly restarting or stopping for no reason, and we can attest to having experienced this issue ourselves here at Pure Xbox .

The biggest issue with Party Chat is that players have been getting disconnected randomly in the middle of playing, or that they're just being kicked out of their own parties when setting one up. Again, we've suffered these issues.

As you can see, these problems have actually been happening for the best part of a week now according to reports across social media, but the official Xbox Support Twitter account has yet to comment on them (at the time of writing), and the Xbox Live Status website is indicating nothing out of the ordinary.

Hopefully instances of this will ease over the next few days, but we'll let you know of any updates.

Have you been suffering with these problems? Let us know down in the comments below.