Xbox Engineers Jokingly Switch Dashboard Font To Comic Sans
Image: Microsoft

Comic Sans is an abomination of a font - we won't hear otherwise (editor's note: actually I don't think it's that bad!). It's often joked as being an awful eyesore and as a result, it's rarely used in a formal sense. However, after being challenged to transform the Xbox dashboard into a striking font, a few Xbox software engineers have risen to the occasion.

It all began when the topic of Comic Sans and its potential use on Xbox arose on Twitter, in which Xbox engineer DeekyJay shared a horrifying concept of it in action.

It didn't stop there, however, as Xbox's lead engineer Eden Marie also got in on the fun and went one step further. Various pages, including the store and profile, were all altered to support Comic Sans font.


While some users would perhaps like this font ironically, we're hoping it doesn't make its way to a console near us. It would actually be quite cool to have the ability to adjust the font, but this isn't it.

Still, we imagine in a parallel universe, Comic Sans is the hot font to go for, and maybe, just maybe, it's supported on games consoles.

Would you like to see Comic Sans font on Xbox? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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