Ubisoft Is Reportedly Working On A Proper New Splinter Cell Game

We've got more exciting news to share today, as according to a new report, Ubisoft is finally working on a brand-new Splinter Cell game! This report comes from prominent leaker Tom Henderson and the folks at Video Games Chronicle.

According to them, "development sources" have told the publication that the title is being used to "win back fans frustrated by recent efforts to revive the franchise in the mobile and VR spaces." It's said to be in an early phase of production, "led by a studio outside of [Ubisoft's] traditional Montreal base", and could be announced next year.

Ubisoft was reportedly approached by VGC for comment, but declined.

As you may well know, there hasn't been a new mainline Splinter Cell game since all the way back in 2013, so we've been waiting almost a decade for this apparent sequel. We're just keeping all our fingers and toes crossed that it's real.

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[source videogameschronicle.com]