This Custom Series X|S Controller Celebrates Xbox's 20th Anniversary
Image: @POPeART_

Microsoft loves to create new custom-themed Xbox Series X|S controllers, but it's not the only one doing this.

The talented creator POPeART (formerly known as Xbox Pope) is back at it, this time with a very special 20th-anniversary edition - dedicated to Xbox's Aaron Greenberg.

One fan mentioned how they'd love to be able to buy a controller like this with their own Gamertag on it. Unfortunately, even though POPeArt does sell custom Xbox controllers through the TREZN website, this won't be one of them.

The 20 year anniversary of the original Xbox will take place next month on 15th November.

What do you think of POPeArt's latest creation? Would you purchase a 20th anniversary Xbox Series X|S controller like this one? Tell us down below.