The Riftbreaker Has Mod Support On Xbox Game Pass For PC
Image: EXOR Studios

The Riftbreaker joined Xbox Game Pass for PC today (along with consoles) and it appears to have been accompanied by mod support.

Users on Reddit have found the PC version of the game comes accompanied with a message confirming the game supports mod, something many users have been craving in more games. Having loaded up the Xbox app on PC, we can also confirm this is the case.

As it stands, it's unclear if enabling mods disables achievements or any other features in the game. As for Xbox systems, developer EXOR Studio did state on a separate Reddit thread that it is looking into bringing mod support to consoles.

A Wiki page for modding in The Riftbreaker is available, but only appears to detail how to add them into the Steam version for now. We imagine the process for Xbox Game Pass for PC will be fairly similar.

Users on Reddit have also noted how full keyboard and mouse support is available on the PC version of the game. It sounds as though The Riftbreaker will have a lot of options and it's going to be fun discovering how to exploit them following its launch onto Xbox Game Pass.

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