Seagate's 512GB Xbox Series X|S Storage Card Is Almost Certainly Real

Back in mid-September, a rumour started doing the rounds that Seagate might be preparing to bring out a 512GB version of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S storage expansion card, and now that definitely appears to be true.

Windows Central has acquired an image of the supposed box for the 512GB version, while also suggesting that "Seagate will begin promoting their new 512GB Xbox storage expansion card from as early as [this] week, as promotional materials have begun showing up in U.S. retailers." As a result, it could be available this holiday.

The original rumours actually indicated that the size could be 500GB or 512GB, but it now seems the latter (which was always most likely) is true. There's no definite word on pricing yet, but it's assumed it'll be around half as expensive as the current 1TB version, which remains at an eye-watering RRP of £220 / $220.

If you're wondering what the other picture refers to above, Seagate is also preparing to bring out a new line of USB Game Drives in the near future which can't play next-gen games, but can nevertheless store them (a 1TB version hadn't previously been announced, but seems to be on the cards in the form of a faster SSD variant). The company is also preparing to bring out a special Halo Infinite edition of the USB Game Drive this month.

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