Rumour: Xbox Game Studios Has Only Announced 1/3 Of Its Games In Development

It's very clear that Xbox Game Studios has a massive future ahead of it, with the likes of Fable, Perfect Dark, Avowed and many other games in the pipeline, along with Bethesda's upcoming titles such as Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6.

We already know of a lot that's coming in the years ahead, but according to inside knowledge from Windows Central's Jez Corden, he's estimated that only a third of games from Xbox's roadmap have been announced so far.

Here's what Corden had to say when speaking on the latest 'The Xbox Two' podcast episode:

"I would say, out of the [games] I know, and there's games that I don't know about, because I don't know anything that Bethesda's working on generally, I don't know about the [Hideo] Kojima game Jeff Grubb spoke about, and I've also heard about some other games that aren't in the roadmap that I've seen, so as a complete ballpark estimate, and this is a conservative, low estimate, I'd say about a third of the games have been announced from Xbox Game Studios right now."

"Of course they're working on loads of games. A lot of these games might get cancelled, but I don't think they will because the information that I got is... it sounds to me like these are happening, so who knows. I'm just so excited for the future right now. So excited."

As Corden mentions, it's not exactly a surprise to know that Xbox has plenty of unknown projects in the works, but assuming the 1/3 estimate is somewhat correct, it sounds like there's a lot to get excited about in the coming years.

And don't forget, if things stay the same, all of these games will be arriving with Xbox Game Pass on day one!

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