Remember the classic 2010 Xbox Live Arcade game Toy Soldiers? It's back today in HD form, and the first reviews have dropped across the web for the updated version, which promises a bunch of "overhauls and upgrades".

So, is it worth picking up the HD remaster, or just fetching your old Xbox 360 out of the attic? Here's the verdict so far:

Way Too Many Games (7.5/10)

"In short, Toy Soldiers HD is exactly what you were expecting from a remaster of the XBLA cult classic: the same game from a decade ago, with all previously released expansions included in the package, as well as some new units and options, all covered up by some subtle, but very significant presentation and performance improvements."

XboxEra (7.3/10)

"Toy Soldiers HD is a solid all-around package, though that $30 price point does feel a bit high. If you’re in the market though for some well-made hybrid tower defense, shooter, dogfighter then this plastic battleground should fit the bill. It might be ugly as sin at times, but it is a damned good time reliving an incredibly weird take on one of the darkest conflicts in modern history."

Destructoid (7/10)

"For your $30, you essentially get a touched-up Toy Soldiers. I loved Toy Soldiers, I think it’s a fantastic game. I’m happy that they took the time to make the battlefields look a little more modern, but if I hadn’t gone back to check the original game, I might not have realized that anything had been done at all."

GameReactor (6/10)

"As far as remasters go, Toy Soldiers HD is one of the less impressive ones. Considering we're in an era where 4K/60fps gameplay is becoming the norm, it's hard to shake the fact that this title still has the appearance of an Xbox 360 game, even if it does have more vibrant and more refined visuals.

It's by no means a bad version of Toy Soldiers, but if you're expecting a significant upgrade to the original game, one that brings this fantastic title in line with the times, then Toy Soldiers HD will let you down a bit."

Toy Soldiers HD has not yet received enough reviews to have been rated on Metacritic, but it looks like it's going to sit somewhere around the 60-70 mark when all is said and done. It sounds like a good, but not overly significant remaster.

Are you picking up Toy Soldiers HD this week? Let us know down in the comments below.