Squid Game Xbox
Image: Netflix

Unless you've been living under a rock, Netflix's Squid Game has become something of a cultural phenomenon recently. Since releasing last month, the Korean series has made quite an impression over here in the West, along with becoming a huge talking point and an influence for memes. Xbox is now getting in on the action, humorously hoping it will make an appearance in season two.

For those that don't know, the antagonists in Squid Game each wear a unique mask. The symbols on them are a variety of different shapes such as squares and circles, but the inclusion has sparked viewers to notice a comparison to PlayStation's famous four iconic symbols.

Obviously, Xbox is feeling a bit left out, and in the hopes of making it into season two, has created its own take on what the outfits could look like.

It's just a bit of fun, but is a humorous look at how popular the show has become. A few weeks ago no-one had even heard of Squid Game, and now huge brands such as Xbox are representing it with memes and other cultural references.

Squid Game has even inspired titles such as Roblox to create their own unique take on the format. We imagine it won't be the last to do this, so expect more games to have their own variations on the hit Netflix show in due course.

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