We all know and love the Halo theme, and the members of Twenty One Pilots are clearly in the same boat, as they've started using a live cover rendition as part of the shows on their latest tour. In our opinion, it's pretty epic!

Halo fans have been sharing videos of this from various concerts over the past few weeks, and the main feedback is that they can't quite understand why the people in audience aren't losing their minds about it...

Don't be surprised if we continue to see more videos cropping up of this before the end of the year, as Twenty One Pilots still has plenty of shows left to play throughout the US and Mexico in October, November and December.

It might just be a short little snippet, but we think this is a very cool addition to the Twenty One Pilots setlist!

What did you make of this live cover version of the Halo theme? Let us know down in the comments.