OG Xbox Creator: People Who Stood In Xbox's Way Are Now Lauding It

In case you'd forgotten, Xbox is celebrating its 20th anniversary this November (yes, it's really been that long), and "the father of the Xbox" has taken to Twitter to share an "amusing and a little bit sad" thought about certain naysayers.

In his tweet, Seamus Blackley highlighted how some people who 'stood in Xbox's way' back in the early days are now lauding the brand, but then went on to state that he "love[s] them all" regardless:

It's been well documented that the Xbox team had a tough time in the early days trying to win people around, including co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates at times, but ultimately they persevered and created a brand we all know and love.

Lots of people jumped into the comments to share their thoughts as well, pointing out that a lot of news articles at the time were predicting the original Xbox's demise. Fortunately for us fans, none of those predictions came true!

Do you remember the reception to the original Xbox back in the early days? Share your thoughts below.