While quite a few of us have managed to dive into some skirmishes in Halo Infinite, we've still been yet to see the true competitive elements in the game. Some of us will just be happy for a few social matches, but the die-hard community has been eager to see the ranked and competitive settings in action. Thankfully, 343 Industries has put together a short video detailing everything fans will want to know.

Sitting down with former professional Halo player Sal "El Town" Mohanan, lead multiplayer designer Andrew Witts dived into everything competitive and ranked fans need to know.

One of the main points was the confirmation competitive matches will begin with the classic 3-burst Battle Rifle as the player's starting weapon. Along with this, the motion tracker, grenade hit markers, and secondary starting weapons will all be removed, but friendly fire will be added.

To start with, the competitive modes will include Slayer, Capture the Flag, Strongholds, and Oddball, so there will be a lot for professional players to sink their teeth into.

A Halo Waypoint blog has also surfaced going further detailing everything further if that captures your interest. If not, then there's not too much longer until the full game launches on December 8.

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