This weekend Mojang held its annual Minecraft Live event. Although it was completely online that didn't stop the announcements from being just as big as previous years.

With this in mind, Mojang revealed the next major update for the survival sandbox crafting game - known as 'The Wild Update'. It will be arriving in 2022 and promises to bring lots of new "fun stuff" - from mud, mangrove swamps, frogs and tadpoles, and even boats with chests.

This update is also now set to include Deep Dark and warden. As for the Caves & Cliffs Part II update, it'll be arriving in about a "month or two" and will expand how high your climb, to how deep you can dig in the depths down below. In somewhat related news, Mojang also confirmed Jave Edition and Bedrock Edition would be coming to Game Pass for PC this November. Learn more in our previous post.

Will you be jumping back into Minecraft when these updates arrive later this year, and at some point next year? Leave a comment down below.