Hit RPG Outriders Is Joining Xbox Game Pass For PC This Tuesday

Outriders made a huge splash when it launched with Xbox Game Pass on day one earlier this year, and now it's finally making its debut on Xbox Game Pass for PC as well, arriving with the service on Tuesday, October 19.

If you've been playing the hit sci-fi RPG on your Xbox console already and you want to swap over to PC, the game will include cross-save functionality, allowing you to transfer your progress as long as you're using the same account.

Better yet, Outriders also features cross-play, so you can start the game for the first time on PC and join up with your friends on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and/or Xbox Series S, allowing you to play together with no issues whatsoever.

We reviewed Outriders back at launch and found it to be a really great addition to the Xbox Game Pass library, describing it as "one of the slickest and most addictive looter shooters we've played in a long while."

"Whether this is your first foray into the new world of Enoch or you’re already a grizzled Outrider, make sure to keep your eye on Outriders in the coming weeks, as we still have some exciting updates coming your way!"

Will you be exploring the world of Outriders with Xbox Game Pass for PC this week? Tell us down below.