Obsidian's survival, crafting and exploration game Grounded might already feel like a complete product, but it's actually still a work-in-progress. With this in mind, the team has just rolled out "The Hot & Hazy Update" for the game.

It adds milk molars (a new stat upgrade), infected bugs, new crafting content, a new biome (the sandbox), an update to The Haze biome, a picnic table, new armour and weapons, and even some garbage.

The full patch notes for Version 0.11.1 have also been made available on the Grounded website:

Grounded - Patch 0.11.1 (October 21, 2021)

Patch 0.11.1 has been released for all players. Please update your game when you see that this update is available to receive the following fixes and changes:


  • A full colony of Red Ants will no longer all try to sleep in the same spot in the anthill when sleeping. Reduces Ant bunching at night.
  • Item slots now show the weapon upgrade type (Tough, Mighty, Fresh, Spicy, Salty) instead of the level number. The item level number can still be viewed in the description box.
  • Cactus hazard has a cooldown before hurting you again.
  • The empty jar under the picnic table has been adjusted to make it easier to get out of.
  • Fence planks near the Hedge have been updated to the new fence plank art.
  • Treasure in the Sandbox will randomly respawn instead of all spots respawning all the time.
  • Repair costs for Salt Morning Star and Mint Mace are now equivalent.

Bug fixes - all platforms

Major Issues

  • Fixed crash related to equipping / unequipping items.
  • Fixed crash related to bases.
  • Fixed crash related to creature pathing.
  • The switch to the main lab room in the Black Ant Hill no longer gets stuck in a bad state.
  • Under construction tape blocking the Hot and Hazy areas has been removed.


  • Walls crenelate again.
  • Temp BURG.L Quest text is no longer temp.
  • You can no longer purchase some Milk Molar upgrades without having enough Milk Molars.
  • Duplicate entries for Pebblet Foundation and Shovel+ no longer show up in the BURG.L Swap Shop if you are loading a save from 0.10 or earlier that has collected the old Paint Can BURG.L chip.
  • Tech Chip BURG.L Quests for chips in harder areas of the yard will no longer show up in the available quest list early in the game.
  • Coup De Grass level 2 will properly unlock if you find the clover second. Old saves with this issue will need to do the non-clover part again for it to unlock.
  • Improved client interaction consistency while crouched.


  • Arrow damage values are consistent across the same tier.
  • New Equipment from the Hot and Hazy update now have the correct durability values.


  • HotPouch slots show the item count again.
  • Clients that unequip an item or throw an item will have their hot pouches correctly refreshed.

Will you be trying out this latest update for Grounded? Keep in mind, you can check out the game on Xbox and PC with Game Pass. Leave a comment down below.

[source grounded.obsidian.net]