We may be over a year away from Starfield hitting Xbox, but Bethesda is still determined to make the game a talking point. A new video has been released which not only provides a few extra story details but also some new concept art to feast your eyes over.

Hosted by the game's design director Emil Pagliarulo, the video delves into Starfield's setting of 2330 and the "uneasy peace" between the universe's factions. Pagliarulo explains how players will find themselves discovering "settled systems" as part of the organisation Constellation, and your job is to uncover the mysteries of the galaxy.

Throughout the video, new pieces of concept art are also shown, giving us a fresh insight into the world of Starfield. While we haven't been treated to any gameplay as of yet, we imagine next year will kickstart a large marketing campaign for the game, and we can't wait!

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