Timothée Chalamet Was An Avid Xbox 360 Controller Modder
Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

Timothée Chalamet is making waves in the entertainment industry at the moment, enhanced by his fantastic performance in Dune. While the actor has been a rising star in recent years, did you know before this he used to mod his own Xbox 360 controllers with his own secret YouTube account?

In a recent interview with YouTuber Nate Hill, the secret past of Chalamet was unveiled, as he revealed he has a secret YouTube channel known as ModdedController360.

During his YouTube career, he says he made three videos, in which he used to paint controllers and charge $10 for his designs.

He made $30 overall.

Fans have been quick to investigate and seem to have uncovered the account. A YouTuber by the name of ModdedController360 exists, with three videos available - as Chalamet originally pointed out.

Everything lines up and the voice does sound like a much younger Chalamet (these videos are over 11 years old). While his modding career perhaps didn't propel him to the dizzying heights he'd hoped for, at least his acting career has kicked off with a bang.

Would you have purchased any of Chalamet's modded controllers? Let us know in the comments below.

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