Among Us Xbox Delayed
Image: Innersloth

Cast your mind back to the end of last year and the news of Among Us hitting Xbox consoles in 2021 was announced. Fast forward to today and we're still waiting, but the team at Innersloth has now provided an update on their development.

In a recent blog post outlining all the upcoming updates to the game, the topic of its console release arose. While it's still "on track" to release this year, it will be later than intended as they work on introducing new changes to the game.

"We’re still on track for console release this year, albeit later than we originally intended. Because this next update is more than just a simple patch and will introduce (hopefully) two big changes to the game, making sure they’re up to snuff and compatible across ALL platforms – PC, mobile, console – means there are way more blockers coming for us."

Originally, it was expected to launch in September but was pushed back to ensure console players did not receive a "suboptimal experience".

"Our ideal release date was in September, but we ended up moving it because we didn’t want anyone who picked up the game on Xbox or PlayStation to have a suboptimal experience and roadblocks were thrown our way. (See why I haven’t told you all a date yet? Gotta be 100% sure before we’re comfortable sharing that information!) Thanks for the patience on this!"

As mentioned, there's no confirmation of a date yet as the team wants to ensure it has everything ironed out before promising a launch date. For now, you can play the game on PC via Xbox Game Pass, so if you're wanting to get an Among Us fix, feel free to dive in!

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