Star Wars Reveal December
Image: EA Games / Respawn Entertainment

Do you know what the gaming world doesn't have enough of? Star Wars games. Luckily, it appears another title could be announced this December to mark a new campaign for the franchise.

As part of a new Disney and Lucasfilm promotion known as Bring Home the Bounty, the next 12 weeks will see various debuts of new Star Wars toys, collectables, books, apparel, and more. On the week commencing December 14, a video game controller symbol can be seen, suggesting we may be seeing a new Star Wars game revealed that week.

There's already speculation as to what this could be. Some have pondered the thought of it being the previously reported Star Wars title coming from Quantic Dream, the team behind titles such as Detroit: Become Human and Heavy Rain.

Of course, it's probably best not to get too excited. It could be something as simple as another mobile game announcement. But it would be nice to end an incredible year of announcements with a bang.

What do you think this Star Wars video game-related project could be? Drop us a comment and let us know.