Xbox Series X Scalping Prices Remain High Whilst PS5 Reportedly Drops 30%
Image: Microsoft/Sony

We're almost a year since the Xbox Series X|S launch and scalpers are still managing to soak up what little stock there is. People are still struggling to pick a console up easily without paying over the odds. If you were hoping to grab one anytime soon, it seems those dreams may have to be put on hold, as the reselling price for Xbox Series X systems is still said to be very high.

This is according to a report by Forbes, which claims to have gathered data from the secondary market StockX. It's said that sales of the PS5 via resellers have fallen almost 30% since their peak, but Xbox Series X is still going strong.

While the Xbox Series X boasted an incredible $750-$800 resale price, it later dropped 25% to $600 in July. However, the past month has seen a stark contrast, as it's said the average price is now rising back up to $725. It's unclear whether the announcement of the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X console had an effect, but StockX’s senior economist Jesse Einhorn suggests the reason is that there were far fewer Xbox Series X restocks compared to PS5s and "as a result of their relative scarcity, prices on StockX increased".

It seems as though there are no signs of the scalping market slowing down, especially with the news that the global chip shortage may last until 2023. If you see one available at your retailer, it may be best to pick one up when you can.

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