Xbox Game Pass Players Have Discovered Hidden Cheat Codes In SkateBird

SkateBird launched on Xbox Game Pass last week and it wasn't long before players discovered some hidden codes buried within the game.

Over on the Xbox Game Pass Reddit, users quickly discovered that the credits had some unique numbered codes buried within. It took a few days for players to find out what they were for, and it's now been confirmed they are special cheat codes players can use.

By pressing down both bumpers and triggers on the main menu, a keyboard appears where you can input the codes. By doing so, you'll unlock a variety of special moves such as being able to stick to the walls and more.

Here are the codes and what they do in SkateBird:

  • 7141983 - Superpush On
  • 3191994 - Wallstick On
  • 5302013 - Resettleport On

It's unclear whether there's any meaning behind these codes, or whether they're just a random assortment of numbers. Maybe this will be the next mystery players tackle, as they aim to discover their origin.

Have you been diving into SkateBird since it launched into Xbox Game Pass? Drop us a comment and let us know.