Sure, sure...PlayStation has a lot of Marvel exclusives in the works, but does it really matter when Xbox is busy recreating scenes from the new Matrix trailer?

If you missed it, not long after the official Warner Bros. trailer for The Matrix Resurrections went live, Xbox's official social media account shared the following image:

While there's no mention of The Matrix, it's a direct reference to the new trailer for the fourth movie - featuring Neo (Keanu Reeves) in a bathtub with a rubber duck on top of his head. In a follow-up response, Xbox's account said all it was offering was the "truth".

The Matrix Resurrections
Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

Of course, it has raised questions about a possible game or even a collaboration with the new film, which Xbox was quick to shut down:

But really, like come on now - all this effort and focus on such a particular scene? Really, Xbox?

If Xbox was to announce a new Matrix game, we're sure many people would be all for it. If not though, we'll just stick with the classics. Heck, we'll even take a dynamic background, we're sure it would look great. Just give us something!

Do you think Xbox is cooking up something Matrix related? Drop us a comment and let us know.