One Best Man Gave A Halo Themed Wedding Speech
Image: 343 Industries

We see a lot of strange and wonderful aspects of games incorporated into the real world, but this Halo themed best man speech at a wedding has got to be one of the best so far.

As shared on Reddit, the speech incorporates a Halo multiplayer match as an analogy for the couple's relationship. The husband, Chuck, is described as being his spouse's Overshield. The speech does a play-by-play run-through of an imaginary match, adding a degree of humour with a ton of sweetness throughout.

Commenters have been quick to praise the best man's skills at bringing Halo to his speech. One said it's the definition of legendary, while another claimed it was "un-friggen-believable". What we will say is we hope we have a best man like Chuck's in the future, as this speech was heartwarming, funny and a Halo fan’s dream.

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